Barow track "Profi" Limex

Technical description: Technical description: a width of footprint is 175 mm, length of footprint is 400 mm, a carrying capacity is 250 kg, weight is 9,8 kg A production is Croatia.

Hydraulic barrow track Maxformer

Technical description: a carrying capacity is 2000 kg, length of pitchforks is 1150 mm, an external width of pitchforks is 550 mm a range of lifting is 75-190 mm, a type of wheel is a nylon, a type of roller is polyurethane.

Building wheelbarrow Limex

Wheelbarrows differ simplicity in exploitation, easiness in movement and by a comfort in work, optimum both for professional builders and for those users who are busy about the house on an own out-of-town area. Comfortable and easy building wheelbarrow will facilitate transportation of large objects, solution of concrete, and also will help to simplify the complex moving of objects which used very often. Produced in Croatia.
Technical description: a bulk is 85 l, wheel – 380x100mm, weight is 11,6 kg; a bulk is 100 l, wheel – 380x100mm, weight is 12,9 kg
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