Aerated(autoclave aerated concrete) - a solid mineral stone artificial material that does not require considerable care. Aerated concrete produced by heat treatment in the autoclave (a vessel with maintaining high humidity and pressure) a mixture of finely ground sand, cement, lime and water.

Properties of concrete:

- Easy. The standard small block of porous concrete stamps D500, size 300h200h600 mm has a mass of 24 kg and can replace 19 bricks whose weight is 85 kg (in anticipation of the same volume). Ease of concrete blocks can reduce transportation costs and installation costs for construction of foundations, reduce the complexity of operations.

- Ease of installation, which reached a high dimensional geometric precision of (+ \ - 1 mm) and the possibility of laying the glue (special dry mixture packed in bags and prepared by adding water).

- No cold bridges (laying to seam thickness of 3 mm and under exclusion of freezing). Reduced labor and material costs for laying (1m3 - 25 kg of glue or 1m3 - 250 kg concrete solution) and plaster works (at the expense of accurate geometry units).

- Thermal conductivity. Due to porous structure of aerated concrete is structurally-insulating material. Thermal conductivity of dry concrete - 0.12 W / m ° C. Prisoners in the pores of the air leads to the exceptional heat insulation effect. During operation of the building with concrete heating costs are reduced by 25-30%.

- Accumulation properties of concrete. Aerated concrete can accumulate heat. It accumulates heat from the heat or the sun's rays. Winter is fuel economy, and in the summer remains a pleasant coolness. The use of this material can substantially save on heating. For heat units standard thickness (375 mm) equivalent to 600-millimeter brick laying.

- Sound insulating properties of concrete due to its porous structure, is 10 times higher than in the brickwork.

- Fire safety. As for making concrete is taken only natural raw materials, and there is no danger of the outbreak. Aerated, being inorganic and noncombustible material, withstand a fire for a one-sided 3.7 hours. This material is able to protect metal structures from the direct action of fire.

- Frost. Aerated concrete frost because of the presence of back then, that in being forced out in freezing ice and water. Material itself will not be destroyed. It is considered that subject to the construction technology frost material not less than 25 cycles.

- Durability. When the density of D500 (500 kg/m3) Aerated concrete has high compressive strength - 28-40 kgs/sm3 class of concrete strength on B2, 5 achieved by autoclave processing. Material may be used for masonry bearing walls, wall filling frame high-rise buildings, as well as masonry interior walls and partitions.

- Cost-effectiveness and speed of erection of structures. Due to the relatively large size concrete blocks and its small weight (does not require special lifting mechanisms) significantly increases speed of construction and, accordingly, reduced labor. Instead of the standard solution used adhesive, which also reduces the cost of construction.

- Ease of processing. Aerated easily handled by any cutting tool, pylyayetsya, sverdlytsya, struzhytsya, shtrabytsya easily hammered nails - this makes their use particularly attractive. Ease of handling concrete to create interesting architectural features, including nick channels and holes in a wall outlet, wiring, piping, arched configuration.

- Ecology. Aerated concrete made from sand, lime, cement and aluminum powder. He selects the toxic substances and on their environmental yields only wood. But while aerated concrete, unlike wood, is rot and aging. Environmental purity of raw materials used ensures complete safety foamed concrete products for humans. This porous material, so the house built with concrete, breathing as easily as the wooden.

Ease in handling concrete blocks has long been noticed and appreciated the professional construction industry. Due to its good performance over high rates of reliability, durability, fire resistance, tolerance of high temperatures aerated concrete lead among building materials.
Concrete blocks the size 600 х 200 х 300.
Retail Price: 22.10 UAN.
Concrete blocks the size 600 х 200 х 100.
Retail Price: 7.40 UAN.
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