Ready-to-use compositions

Ferozit 1

Ready-to-use putty based on acrylic dispersion and fillers, designed for finish leveling jobs on walls and ceilings (gypsum and cement-lime plasters and paper-faced gypsum boards) prior to interior paint jobs with all kinds of dispersion inks. Packaging - 30 kg pots.

Ferozit 11

Priming paint based on acrylic dispersion with a quartz filler, designed for priming the surface prior to the application of high-quality acryl or mineral decorative plaster finishes. Ferozit 11 protects the surface, improves adhesion, and prevents stains from surfacing on high-quality plasters. Packaging - 3 and 10 l pots.

Ferozit 33

Decorative mix based on acrylic dispersion, colored chips and modifying fillers, designed to produce a decorative finish on the exterior or interior. Especially effective for rooms with heavy human traffic (corridors, stairwells, offices, etc.). Packaging - 25 kg pots.
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