Cement, plaster

Cement CRH Mykolaiv

Used for making of concrete and build solutions.
Technical parameters are for PC II/A-Sh-400: beginning of hardening – 160 min.; end of hardening – 276 min.; durability is on a clench: in 7 days – 28,7 MPa, in 28 days – 42,3 MPa.
Technical parameters are for PC II/B-K-400: beginning of hardening – 152 min.; end of hardening – 264 min.; durability clench in 7 days – 28,5 MPa, in 28 days – 42,0 MPa. Warrantly lifetime – 60 days. Packing is paper, net weight - 50 kg.

White cement CRH

From white cement get high-quality concrete products from which create the prepared facade elements of any necessary form. Wares from a white concrete have enhanceable durability, they do not require next treatment, surface is smooth, white, decorative. During subsequent exploitation of good from a white concrete does not peel off and there is possibility to wash them with water. Packing is paper, net weight 25 kg.
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